What does your credit report say about you?

Being denied company credit can be bad news for your business, especially if you need finance in order to grow. Did you know that 56% of company owners have used their own money to support their business, with the average amount invested being £22,700*

If your business has been refused credit or struggled to secure new finance, you’ll know how that can impact your plans. But is relying on your personal finances really the answer?

Protect your personal finances... ensure your business credit profile is the best it can be and give yourself the best chance of getting the finance you need.

Source: * Yahoo Finance UK, 13/02/14 SMEs rely on credit cards to grow their businesses

What does your credit report say about you?

Do you require a one-off business credit report?

We can do better than that!

Get a whole month’s online access, to view and download copies of your report as and when you need them. All you need to do is:

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Improve your business credit score

  • Be more confident when applying for business credit by taking proactive steps to improve your score.
  • Find out the top factors influencing your score so you can understand any issues and start to fix them.
Improve your credit score

Ensure your report is correct and up-to-date

  • Would you like to know your chances of being accepted for a business loan, before you make your application?
  • See what lenders see when making credit decisions about your business – this is one of the only reports to include commercial CAIS** data, making it the most accurate and fully comprehensive view of your own business.

** Pronounced ‘keys’, Credit Account Information Sharing (CAIS) is our proprietary shared database of credit history. To find out more about CAIS, please download a copy of our Commercial CAIS guide.

Ensure your report is correct and up-to-date

Protect your business from fraud

  • Would you like to know when somebody searches your business or there is potential suspicious activity relating to your business?
  • Receive automatic alerts about significant changes to your report – alerting you of every time there’s a major change to your credit report or when someone has credit searched your business, helping you to reduce fraud and enabling you to act quickly to reduce any negative impacts to your score.
Protect your business from fraud

Comprehensive reports

  • Unlimited access and downloads of your easy to understand credit profile.
  • On-going advice and support to understand your business credit profile and make it the best it can be.
  • See for yourself. Check our easy to understand, yet comprehensive reports.
Comprehensive reports

Been turned down for a business loan because of a bad credit history?

There’s no universal cut off between a good commercial credit score and a bad commercial credit score, but you generally have bad credit if your score is below 50.

Trying to expand any business takes investment. But knowing where to turn to get the cash to invest can be difficult, especially if you have experienced a bad credit rating in the past.

What's impacting your score?

There are various factors that can have a negative impact on your business credit report, which may have contributed to you being turned down for a business loan. The below list provides a few examples:

  • Missed or late payments against existing loans and credit cards
  • Any CCJs (County Court Judgments) or bankruptcy / other forms of insolvency
  • Filing your accounts late to Companies House
  • Having high levels of debt
  • Making several applications for credit at one time

With My Business Profile, you get full visibility of your business credit profile, enabling you to understand what’s affecting your company credit score and preventing you from being able to obtain that all important company credit.

See how Jasmine improved her credit score after she was turned down for finance

What you'll need to sign up

  • Be a director of a limited business, currently registered at Companies House
  • Home address, phone, email and date of birth
  • Debit or credit card details
What you'll need to sign up