Why should I access my company profile?

See how your company is perceived

Other companies, lenders, and customers can access your company credit score.
See what they see, and ensure you're showing your company in the best possible light

Find out how your score is determined

Understand the different factors that can have a positive and negative impact on your score

Be more confident when applying for a loan or going to tender

Gain easier access to finance, secure preferential credit terms with suppliers and boost your chances of winning new business

It’s great! It shows us our own creditworthiness and allows us to manage that. You can see what information lenders base their decisions on when your business applies for credit.

Andrew Cartwright - CEO, Tribe

Improve your company credit score

Find out the top factors influencing your score* so you can understand any issues and start to fix them

*This applies to limited companies only

Ensure your report is correct and

This is one of the only reports to include commercial CAIS** data, making it the most accurate and fully comprehensive view of your own company

**Pronounced 'keys'. Credit Account Information Sharing (CAIS) is our proprietary shared database of credit history.
To find out more about CAIS, please download a copy of our Commercial CAIS guide

Find out your online reputation score

Prospective customers will be researching your company and reading online reviews when deciding whether or not to purchase from your or use your services

What you'll get with My Business Profile

Real time access with flexibility to
cancel anytime online

Expert support

Receive automatic alerts about changes to your report or when someone has credit searched your company

What you'll need to sign up

You'll need to be the owner of the company you're searching for

Your home address, phone, email and date of birth

Valid debit or credit card